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Our department also run private tours, if you are looking for a more intimate and in-depth experience.

These are the key differences between our private and normal tours.

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Flexible start time and duration time

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Additional stop at Kings Cross station (£40 surcharge).

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Extra requests for special occasions

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Get in touch via e-owl to book our private tour.

When booking, please specify your preferred date and time, number of adults and children, ages of children, and any special requests you’d like us to conjure up!


Price list of £130 starting price, £16 per adult, and £14 per child

Please note:

Between June and August, the starting price is increased to accommodate high-season peak time.

June-August starting price at £150

*Adult and children prices remain the same

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group tours

More than 10 of you? Get in touch for our Tour for Muggles Group Rates.

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