Frequently Asked Muggle Questions

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The magical world can be confusing for non-wizards. Our department is here to answer every question you have.

Covid-19 changes
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We have changed the tour so there is no longer a tube journey and it is all on foot. The tour still takes the same amount of time, we have just packed in even more Potterific info!

For group tours we have reduced the maximum capacity from 20 to 15.

We are also offering our private tours at a discounted rate to cater for anyone who want the ultimate peace of mind.

To ensure the safety of our guests, our guides, and those around us, social distancing will be in place throughout the tour. Our guides will be wearing face visors, but please note this may be removed between stops to drink water and scratch an itch.

If official guidelines mean we have to cancel the tour then we will provide as much notice as possible and refund your galleons back to your vault promptly.

If you wish to join one of our tours but have a question about the above information please contact us on and we will gladly address any queries.

What if I'm late?
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It is essential that you arrive 10 minutes before the start time and unfortunately, we will not be able to provide a refund due to lateness or delay. Starting late will mean not experiencing the tour in full and we don’t want you to miss out! Please use the Journey Planner Site to see if there are any problems with the tube lines of the day of your tour.

How can I book?
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Please visit our Bookings page where you can choose between Group and Private tours under Options - Walk. You can then book your desired time and date.

For group tours you will straight away receive a booking confirmation e-owl with all the details you need for the tour.

For private tours, we will need up to 48 hours to confirm that we have a Potterific guide for you.Given you are booking a private tour we have flexibility with changing the start time to one that suits you more, if you prefer a different time then please let us know by e-owl or by calling us!

What if I can't book my desired date?
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You can sign up to our waiting list or contact us. We will always try and arrange something for you if possible.

Is the tour suitable for children/babies?
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Mostly yes! It's great fun to have children but as it's a walking tour it can be too much for some little legs. We advise parents that it may be too tiring for children aged 7 and under. But ultimately you know your children best!

As for babies, YES! We can accommodate babies on our tour.

What is your cancellation/reschedule policy?
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We have a 48-hour cancellation policy. If you'd like to reschedule or cancel your booking, please give us as much notice as possible and no later than 48 hours before the tour start time. We will gladly send you a refund less the transaction fee or move your booking to a tour with enough places.

Within 48 hours of the departure, all tickets are final and non-refundable. We cannot compensate for or reschedule within this time frame, including no-shows and latecomers. Please ensure you're 100% happy with the tour details and plan your journey to the start point.

If any tours cannot go ahead due government imposed restrictions, we will of course refund you in full.

What about the weather?
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As with all outdoor events, it is subject to the elements. We will cancel the tour if the weather would make taking the tour dangerous (i.e. icy roads). If this is the case, we will notify you and issue you with a full refund.

Are you taking us to Kings Cross?
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No, we do not include Kings Cross on our tour as it's the easier spot to find without a guide. If you'd like to go to Kings Cross, please ask our guide for information at the end of the tour!

Where do we go on the tour?
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We start from the beautiful Leadenhall Market, near Monument, and traverse the winding roads of the City of London before crossing the Thames over to the southside and ending near London Bridge. The walking tour takes around 2 hours, with lots of magical locations and facts that even the die-hard Potter pro will learn something new!

What do I need to do before the tour?
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Please plan your journey to ensure you arrive 10 minutes early and please eat and go to the bathroom before the tour.

What should I bring?
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Please bring comfy shoes.

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This is a walking tour that is relatively quick-paced and involves some stairs. If this is ok with you, we welcome you warmly on the tour.

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We are happy to arrange a refund as long as you cancel at least 48 hours before your scheduled start time. We will refund you in full less the transaction fee. If you attend the tour and were in any way unhappy, then please let us know. We will waiver the fee and send a refund in full. We would love to have the chance to try to find a way to make it up to you, so please do get in touch!

If any tours cannot go ahead due government imposed restrictions, we will of course refund you in full.

Do you do Gift Vouchers?
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Yes absolutely! Just get in touch with us by e-owl.

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